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Due to an increasing amount of data, the question of its ownership is becoming a very important issue. In the context of the EU data market study, IDC and Open Evidence organised a webinar on 20 July called “Who will be the masters of the data universe?
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Join the webinar on “Who will be the masters of the data universe? How businesses manage ownership of the datasets powering the data economy”

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The EDM study team will be present at the European Data Forum on the 29th and 30th June in Eindhoven and be happy to present the latest results of the European Data Market study!
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As banking becomes increasingly commoditized, European financial institutions find it difficult to compete on revenue growth only and turn to technology in search of other competitive advantages.
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The present report explores the nascent concept of data marketplace and defines it as a “a third party, cloud-based software platform providing Internet access to a disparate set of external data sources for use in IT systems by business, government or non-profit organizations.

Incoming events

17th July 2016 to 25th July 2016

The European Python Conference

Event Location: 
Bilbao, Spain
02nd September 2016 to 04th September 2016
Event Location: 
Noroff, Mølleparken 4, 0459
22nd September 2016 to 24th September 2016

The smart artificial intelligence revolution. Explore software that can recognize patterns in digital representations of sounds, images, & data.

Event Location: 
London, England
28th September 2016 to 01st October 2016

Voxxed Days Belgrade 2016 returns bigger and brighter! We can’t wait to start a new 3-days round of learning and sharing!

Event Location: 
Belgrade, Serbia
05th October 2016 to 06th October 2016

Learn. Network. Experience Open Source.

Event Location: 
Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna, Rennweg 16, 1030
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