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A growing number of European Healthcare Systems are embarking on long-term reforms to improve outcomes and foster innovation with the ultimate goal of benefiting patients, while, at the same time, ensuring long-term sustainability of healthcare services provision.

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The Lisbon Council, the International Data Corporation and the European Commission invite you to this High-Level Webinar on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: The Road Ahead. The webinar will include presentation of new evidence gathered by the European Data Market Study, a multi-year multidisciplinary collaboration to define, assess and measure the European data economy, and show how companies and organisations alike can generate economic, operational and organisational benefits by deploying big data and artificial intelligence in different industries and sectors.
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European utilities are undergoing some of the most significant and structural changes ever in decades.

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The aim of this story is to investigate how companies and organizations can generate economic, operational and organizational benefits by leveraging Big Data and AI applications in a number of different industries and vertical markets.