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Join the online information session, "Big money for your data company via Horizon2020" on September 20th, 2016.  The webinar will present Horizon 2020 funding opportunities for big data companies to benefit from. 

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Following a year of mapping data companies in the EU, a map featuring 72 of the largest EU data companies, all of whom are key figures of the European data market, was produced.

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Investments in big data and business analytical software are expanding outside of traditional ICT oriented industries and regions like North America and Europe. As data businesses are increasingly growing and can be transferred internationally, monitoring the data market in the EU alone is not sufficient to assess the potential of its data market. To help with this, we analysed the data markets of the US, Japan and Brazil to evaluate the place of the EU data market in the world.
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Take a look at presentations and videos from the last webinar:

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According to the European Data Market study, there were approximately 249,000 data companies (1) in 2015, representing 13.8% of the 1.8 million ICT and professional services enterprises.