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Join the webinar and learn the latest about the state of play on European data markets – including updated indicators – and brainstorm to identify new emerging data-related issues and analyse the emerging data ecosystem.

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As part of an ongoing, multi-year investigation into the evolving dynamics of European Union data markets, International Data Corporation (IDC) and the Lisbon Council invite you to this interactive webinar.

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The European Data Market Study also measures the data worker skill gap in Europe. It captures the potential gap between demand and supply of data worker skills. Here are the main findings: In 2016 Europe experienced an imbalance between demand and supply of 420,000 unfilled data workers positions, corresponding to 6.2% of total demand – up 0.3% from the same value for 2015.
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Data user companies generate, exploit, collect and analyse digital data intensively and use what they learn to improve their business. The European Data Market Study has made exciting and insightful findings about geographical and industry distribution of these companies and their size.
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The European Data Market Study Final Report was released a month ago and apart from evaluating the market itself, it also analysed numbers around how many people work with data and in which industries. Let’s take a look.