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Affinity Portugal is a Consultancy firm, specialized in Technologies and Information Systems.

In ICT Enablers

Climber Hotel is a smart Revenue Management software for independent hotels

In Vertical applications, Retail and wholesale

GetSocial is a social analytics platform that helps content creators make better decisions on which stories to promote on social media.

In Analytics, Social Analytics

Mobile Analytics and Personalization Platform

In Analytics

NMusic:registered: was launched in 2010 as part of Diligence Capital SGPS SA to do what was thought as impossible at the time: to find a creative solution for digital content distribution, able to please all consumers, partners and music agents.

In Vertical applications

A Portugal Telecom é uma operadora global de telecomunicações líder a nível nacional em todos os sectores em que actua.

In Data holders

Matching travelers with Shipping needs

In Vertical applications, Transport and Storage

Understand and be understood with Unbabel's AI-powered, human-refined Translation as a Service.

In Vertical applications, Academia

Helps companies reduce the workload in customer support

In Analytics, AI/Machine learning

Wizdee is a leading company in natural language processing, machine learning and semantic search. Our mission is to empower everyone with easy access to data.

In Analytics, Business Intelligence

Geosocial Networking Apps and VAS for Mobile Operators.

In ICT Enablers

Zaask is a new and incredible way to hire local service professionals.

In Vertical applications, Professional Services