Opening Up Scientific Data for Innovation

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What is the trade-off of opening up scientific data? How to enjoy the benefits while minimising the drawbacks? These questions are the core of the sectoral analysis “Opening Up Scientific Data for Innovation”.

Openness of scientific data presents trade-off between goals. On one hand negative effects on business commercialisation of research outputs have been predicted. On the other hand scientific openness is expected to foster industrial collaboration due to greater availability and access to scientific outputs.

A case study of “Open Targets”, public-private partnership for opening scientific data, shows how open data sharing can succeed even in one of the most heavily protected research-market domains such as the pharmaceutical industry. “Open Targets” developed a data sharing platform between companies and research centres achieving substantial uptake and impact, both in scientific and innovation terms.

The analysis of the evidence, complemented by case study´s findings, resulted in the following policy conclusions:

- There is no “one size fits all” for data sharing;

- Smart openness should be promoted to foster innovation;

- Peers and journals as main motivators for data sharing and government creating incentives;

- Data publication should be as starting point, not the end of public-private collaboration;

- Federated approach with meta-data and complementary services should be adopted;

- Monitoring should be increased.

If you wish to learn more download the sectoral analysis “Opening Up Scientific Data for Innovation”.