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Services where data are stored, curated and exchanged. It includes marketplaces such as and repositories such as Knoema

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Data Markets Inc hosts an open, online, marketplace for buying and selling data of virtually any type covering virtually any subject at

BlueTalon provides consistent data-centric security across Hadoop, SQL, and big data environments. BlueTalon keeps enterprises in control of their data and in compliance with regulations by allowing them to give users access to the data they need, not a byte more.

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Summit Behavioral Healthcare is a treatment provider for individuals suffering from addiction and other co-occurring disorders. The company was founded in 2012 and since then has acquired drug rehabilitation centers in six states. All of Summit BHC’s residential treatment centers offer a full continuum of care via a variety of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Summit BHC also offers free and confidential assessments to all inquiring patients.

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Jobinow is a SaaS that allow companies to make part time contracts, legal safe & fast

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Dawex is a secure platform for monetizing and exchanging data between different parties. A strategic link in the data economy, Dawex increases and streamlines exchanges of data between business organizations by providing transaction trust and security in technical, regulatory, and contractual terms, along with transparency for sharing value between data collectors, aggregators, and users. The Dawex solution is designed for companies of all sizes, allowing transactions on all types of data, including business, technical, and personal data, whether or not anonymized.

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WhoAPI service allows you to get extensive domain data using the API on a massive scale. Data like bulk domain availability querying, WHOIS, DNS zone and ranks. Whois information contains information about domain owner, name, last name, company name, address, telephone number and email address. Whois information is, and should be public information (like the yellow pages). We simplify that information and add other valuable data that determines the value of a domain name which can also be used to valuate some email addresses.

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qDatum is a platform for data providers and consumers to share raw and aggregate data.

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The marketplace for cloud reporting
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City Context Open Data API provides school, parks, crime, and demographic data for the UK and Wales. The API allows users to look up local information by geographical coordinates or postcode using HTTP as protocol and JSON as data format. While providing a series of paid plans with SLA for property websites and real estate customers, City Context often grants free access for non-commercial uses in exchange of appropriate acknowledgement.

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Helix Nebula is a new, pioneering partnership between big science and big business in Europe that is charting the course towards the sustainable provision of cloud computing - the Science Cloud.