Vertical applications

It includes analytical tools devoted to specific verticals such as marketing, legal , government, science, health, finance

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Data Publica is a dataset developer and specialist of B2B data and marketing smart tools.

47 Rue d'Enghien Paris, FR

Camp de Bases est une agence de marketing services spécialisée dans l'optimisation des stratégies relationnelles et des bases de données marketing.

7 Rue Auguste GervaisIssy Les Moulineaux, FR

Amadeus Total Rail provides the technology and expertise that makes rail booking easier - from the initial search to making a booking and staying in touch with your customers before, during and after their journey.

485, Route du Pin Montard Sophia Antipolis, FR

DueDil provides a one-stop shop for business information and intelligence. Access and browse free database information around company financials in the UK and Ireland.

47 Dean Street London, UK

XING is a social network for business professionals to connect and share ideas and projects, as well as find suitable employment.

Dammtorstraße 29-32 Hamburg, DE