Vertical applications

It includes analytical tools devoted to specific verticals such as marketing, legal , government, science, health, finance

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Understand and be understood with Unbabel's AI-powered, human-refined Translation as a Service.

German Autolabs is a Berlin based technology company, focussing on the future of the car. Making every car smarter and safer.

Tractable develops deep learning algorithms to learn expert tasks

Clustree is the artificial intelligence SaaS solution for HR recommendations

Babylon delivers high quality healthcare via your mobile phone

Shift Technology leverages the best of data science to automatically detect networks of fraudsters in insurance

Aire gives people a new credit score to help them qualify for essential financial products

Scortex mission is to deploy artificial intelligence at the heart of factories with a turnkey solution for smart visual inspections.

World leaders in the development and application of AI for scientific innovation

AI which composes music