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The aim of our webinars is to give an overview of the European Big Data Market by the mean of the help of experts, speakers and participants from all over the world who are welcome to share stories and discuss about the European Data Market Study. If you are an entrepreneur, investor, researcher, policy maker, regulator or just someone interested in knowing more about EU data market do not hesitate to participate in the upcoming webinars.
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Experts estimate that thousands of exabytes of data are in the hands of private companies. Much of that data – on topics as diverse as car movements, medical histories, key population trends, even water consumption - could yield interesting and potentially valuable information on matters of great public interest.
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Join the webinar and learn the latest about the state of play on European data markets – including updated indicators – and brainstorm to identify new emerging data-related issues and analyse the emerging data ecosystem.

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The final webinar presenting the results of the EU Data Market Study took place on 15 December.

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Join the webinar and learn how the European Data Market is performing. You will get to discover how many data workers and companies are there in Europe, what is the market value and if European citizens are using data.

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The online information session, "Funding for big data companies" took place on September 20th 2016. The webinar presented Horizon 2020 funding opportunities for big data companies to benefit from. 
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Join the online information session, "Big money for your data company via Horizon2020" on September 20th, 2016.  The webinar will present Horizon 2020 funding opportunities for big data companies to benefit from. 

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Take a look at presentations and videos from the last webinar:

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Due to an increasing amount of data, the question of its ownership is becoming a very important issue. In the context of the EU data market study, IDC and Open Evidence organised a webinar on 20 July called “Who will be the masters of the data universe?
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Join the webinar on “Who will be the masters of the data universe? How businesses manage ownership of the datasets powering the data economy”

Register here

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Hi there! Here you can see the full video of our webinar "Farmers meet Big Data: How can data-driven technologies serve a traditional sector like agriculture?". We hope you enjoy it!

Here you can find also the ppt presentations of our speakers: