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Aldous Information Services BV was established in 2012 to provide value-added information services to its clients. In 2013 we acquired the on-line competitive intelligence portal for EU contracts for external aid, Using publicly available data, Aldous serves its customers to meet their specific needs about markets, products or competitors. Growing amount of information available online in unstructured form makes it difficult to attain the desired information in a timely manner. There is a growing need for effective and efficient mechanisms for deriving structured factual information from unstructured text. We use information extraction techniques to isolate data, derive structured factual information and present it in the form of relational databases or custom reports. Relying on our experience in data analyses, production of statistics and construction and managing of online dissemination systems in the last 30 years, we produce, extract and report information to our clients. We also utilise crowdsourcing mechanisms to fill the data gaps.

Main location: 

, Rotterdam, Netherlands