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At XXI century, Malaga has materialized the idea of urban, social and economic sustainability, where intelligent,innovative and enterprising city welcomes new talent, to improve comfort and quality of life of citizens in harmony with the natural environment. With more than 567.000 inhabitants, Malaga is the capital of the Costa del Sol and this city is configured as the hub of the Metropolitan Area of Southern Europe, with over a million and half people along a coastline extending 150 kilometres long. For over a decade, the city of Malaga has carried out concerted efforts to become a living example of an innovative city. These efforts have been focused on various aspects of the urban environment taking in mind that innovation in cities would essentially be dedicated at improving the quality of life of its citizens. Malaga has shown and demonstrated a strong interest in projects able to improve quality of life of its citizens, converting the city in a place more sustainable and eco-friendly. Malaga is involved in various initiatives such as the Green Digital Charter, Eurocities, Covenant of Mayors, CIVITAS and others. The city has been involved in different projects from different areas within the field of Smart City, for example: Málaga Smartcity; Zem2all; CIVITAS 2MOVE2; My city AC2. Furthermore, Malaga City Hall holds other initiatives which perfectly illustrate their efforts and commitments: OPEN LAB URBAN ECOSYSTEM: - POCTEFEX: Cross-Border Cooperation -Technology pole in digital content - Demonstrator Centre for information and communications technologies and smart city applications - Incubators and accelerators - Promalaga Excellence Centre SMART AND SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY: - ALAs: Local Environmental Agents - VICTORIA: Dynamic induction - E-Plus: New Systems based on ICIs - Smartgrid: Smartcity Malaga in the energy field - Green eMotion - Civitas Plus II 2MOVE2 - Ferrolineras SOHO: A CITY PROJECT - MAUS: Malaga: SOHO Urban Art - The Green Apple: CAT-MED - Sustainable Renovation of Buildings The City of Malaga collaborates in FIWAT (Technical Platform of FIWARE) Red.es project to define a new model of Smart City and Digital Content services for cities, to serve as a catalyst to attract national and international developers, who can work with local entrepreneurs in order to build knowledge from stream data, largely generated by sensor networks that are each time more present in all modern cities. Through these projects, the city has worked on and obtained performant and more efficient systems thanks to the application of Smart City’s and Digital Business Content concepts in order to manage the various city services. The current situation of Malaga and its actual projects are totally aligned with the spirit and directives of the European development policies laid down in the Horizon 2020 and FP7 objectives and the urban innovation model that Europe is seeking to implement.

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