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We are a company from Barcelona and we have a comprehensive wellbeing solution that promotes healthy companies and people, called Bihealth. Making it simple for the user and in a humanistic way, Bihealth integrates different devices, analyses their data, compares and offers a personalized monitoring and comprehensive health and wellbeing solutions tailored to the needs and interests of each. Bihealth creates the connection and relationship between the company and the employee in two interconnected modules, working with co-leadership, communicating complex information easily. In this way, it improves health, wellbeing and performance, creating continuous commitment to people and companies. Through different wearables and apps, the user finds tailored solutions that will indicate them the way forward to improve and participate in activities and challenges proposed by the community and the company. The company is able to track through various dashboards health and wellbeing, the evolution of absenteeism, the improvement of satisfaction and the adherence. This information will help them to promote healthy habits and the participation in other actions of their employees.

Main location: 

, Barcelona, Spain