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CITE SA (Communication and Information Technlogies Experts Societe Anonyme) is an SME activating in developing innovative software solutions and products for its customers. CITE employs personnel with significant background in distributed systems and data management, which evolved into expertise in big data analytics mainly in the areas of tabular and geospatial data. CITE has developed significant expertise in Apache Spark (and Hadoop) platform and its core members have deployed and manage significant infrastructures that employ those technologies for performing data analysis. In the context of its under-development Cloud Analytics platform, CITE currently invests in extending Apache Spark into a generic, easy to consume platform, under the vision of providing a unified data analytics solution to its customers. As of Jan 2016, CITE is member of two consortia funded in H2020, the Blue BRIDGE project and the EarthServer 2 project, and works in the area of distributed processing, analytics, and standards development (WCPS2.0).

Main location: 

, Attiki, Greece