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Dawex is a secure platform for monetizing and exchanging data between different parties. A strategic link in the data economy, Dawex increases and streamlines exchanges of data between business organizations by providing transaction trust and security in technical, regulatory, and contractual terms, along with transparency for sharing value between data collectors, aggregators, and users. The Dawex solution is designed for companies of all sizes, allowing transactions on all types of data, including business, technical, and personal data, whether or not anonymized. Developed with a rigorous focus on privacy by design, Dawex knows how to handle the regulatory constraints that are challenging for companies when transferring personal information. Based on a performance-based revenue model, the company receives a commission on each transaction. As a comparison, Dawex plays an intermediary role that is similar to providers such as PayPal and Airbnb, but for data transactions. Dawex benefits from support by Bpifrance and received the Digital Innovation Competition award in October 2015.

Main location: 

, Paris, France