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Startup Sauna accelerator, founded in 2012, is focused on accelerating the innovative business ideas from Easter Europe, Russia and Nordics. A five-week program offers quality coaching events for startups from all fields of business. The event takes place twice a year, and all programs are free-of-charge. Visiting Silicon Valley (a one-week program) is a part of the accelerator program and the best teams have an opportunity to meet partners, investors, and customers and to get a better understanding of the US market. Startup Sauna is a project of the Startup Sauna Foundation, along with Slush conference and Startup Life internship program. Once you get accepted to Startup sauna, you also get access to Slush, the conference that attracted around 700 investors, 600 media representatives, 1400 startups and more than 13000 attendees in 2014.

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