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7SEGMENTS is Big Data Analytics SaaS. Enables companies to collect data about customers, apply data-mining and run personalised marketing campaigns. All from intuitive user interface without coding

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ABIS Training & Consulting provides high-level technological ICT services for large and medium size enterprises. Main activity is training based on specialized ICT knowledge. Core offering is on database and data management training (SQL, Oracle, DB2, MySQL), with particular interest in Big Data and Analytics (Hadoop, Spark, Python, R, MongoDB, Tableau, SAS, ....)

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We are a European start up working on an innovation that will transform the way you interact with video and tv content.

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This AI content writer is less than $90 one time payment for lifetime usage. You can write engaging articles, product descriptions, social media posts, emails, company bio, stories, ads, and 57 other content categories in minutes.

It is trained by Jasper AI data and 100M articles and scientific journals and uses the same tech (GPT3):

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We created the most advanced AI content creation and optimization tool following SEO practices. It is better than Jasper and SurferSEO. Your content will rank on Google first page. It will plan your content strategy, and create your content.

NLP content optimization: You can edit your old or new content and get them rank with this tool.

It has a plagiarism checker as good as copyscape.

Lifetime licence. 60 days money back guarantee.

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Business Angels Europe (BAE) is the European Confederation of Angel Investing, representing the European Business Angels' Federations and Trade associations in Europe. BAE brings together the most active and developed countries operating in the angel market in Europe. Business Angels Europe is the Voice of Angel Investing in Europe. Ensuring a supportive fiscal and regulatory framework for angel investing across Europe.

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Based in Research Labs in the North and South of the UK, the department is comprised of just over 200 highly specialist research engineers, scientists, ethnographers, designers, producers and innovation professionals working on every aspect of the broadcast chain, from Audiences, Production and Distribution right through to the Programmes themselves.

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Social shopping system which connects customers to products and brands using AI

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Behavox is the People Analytics company that uses AI to make companies smarter, more secure and more successful.

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Helps find the best professional for any job

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World leaders in the development and application of AI for scientific innovation

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Startup Community

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betaFactory is an independent accelerator and mentoring program, modeled after YCombinator and Techstars. The accelerator started in 2011 as the first in Norway, and since then has been supporting entrepreneurs through high-level mentoring opportunities, education, professional advice, investment, the community, infrastructure, and visibility.]

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To give data scientists and Big Data engineers the best learning experience and the most productive development platform

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Media Analytics Platform

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Building an Artificial Intelligence that reads text documents and answers questions about their contents

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Analyzes and identifies the hidden fundamentals of a fund

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Blue Vision Labs is a technology-focused company creating next-generation machine perception technology.

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Image and video recognition in under 5 seconds

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Secure software solutions, cyber resilience and managed services for business.

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