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Organized by Start It Smart, the biggest entrepreneurship club in Bulgaria, 3Challenge gathers young entrepreneurs to compete for the best innovative idea. The entrepreneurship competition has 3 stages: Idea (presentation), Seed and Grow, and all three stages offer different business opportunities, however, regardless of the stage, young entrepreneurs receive mentoring, access to valuable resources, and an opportunity to actively participate in workshops and seminars.

In Enabling Players, Incubators

Accedia is a Professional IT Services company specializing in consulting, software development outsourcing and complex end-to-end solutions for both SMEs and large enterprises.

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Technological finance institution cooperating with MNO’s around the world to jointly offer competitive financial services for the unbanked.

In Vertical applications, Financial Services

Transmetrics provides a big data solution that eliminates empty space within cargo vehicles

In Vertical applications, Transport and Storage