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Big Data Scoring is a European credit scoring company that develops generic and tailored credit score models based on BIG DATA and social networks.

In Vertical applications, Financial Services

leep is a messaging service that fills the gap between email and various - IM/texting services.

In Vertical applications

Lingvist is an online tool that helps to learn languages faster and more effectively with mathematical modelling and statistical analysis.

In Vertical applications, Education

Marinexplore's trusted big data platform helps offshore industry, marine logistics, scientists, and government organizations reduce risk and make informed decisions faster.

In Vertical applications, Transport and Storage

app markets analytics tool

In Vertical applications

Plumbr is a Java performance monitoring solution that brings transparency into your JVM performance. It is the only solution that automatically detects the root causes of Java performance issues by interpreting application performance data. Plumbr revolutionizes the way you think about monitoring tools. Tools currently in the market give you endless amount of data and graphics which are truly hard to interpret. We don’t think it needs to be that complex – Plumbr does not waste your time, it helps you find a solution before the errors start impacting end users’ experience.

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