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First web-based dairy and cattle farm business management software. Bringing cows to the cloud.

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Intrepid Analytics is an advanced analytics company transforming and focusing on the healthcare industry.

In Vertical applications, Healthcare

Omega software is IT enterprise founded in 2001. specialized in development and integration of comprehensive business IT solutions. By focusing on creating new technologies that are both easy to use and easy to maintain, we successfully changed the daily routine of thousands of people. Our solutions are used in many difficult areas of work like state administration, local government and enterprises that range from retail and telecommunications to energetic and other industries.

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Once football creates tools for coaches who want to influence on every aspect of the game to ensure long term success. Once football was founded in 2011 by sports and IT experts and specialized in detailed match analysis and mobile/web app development.

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Oradian is a global technology provider developing solutions that enable financial inclusion. Our cloud-based platform empowers financial institutions serving the billions of clients at the base of the economic pyramid to improve their performance, access their data in real-time, reduce their costs and scale their services quickly and efficiently.

In Vertical applications, Financial Services

The App that loves your boobs

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WhoAPI service allows you to get extensive domain data using the API on a massive scale. Data like bulk domain availability querying, WHOIS, DNS zone and ranks. Whois information contains information about domain owner, name, last name, company name, address, telephone number and email address. Whois information is, and should be public information (like the yellow pages). We simplify that information and add other valuable data that determines the value of a domain name which can also be used to valuate some email addresses.

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Zip is the first incubator in Croatia, founded in 2012, to help entrepreneurs from the Southeastern Europe region build their businesses. The startup program is based on Lean startup methodology. Through a period of 4 months, the teams have an opportunity to truly excel in their industry as they go through 24 educational workshops, working on a specific area of their project. The program offers an extensive network of top international and local mentors, networking opportunities, and support.

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