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Algolytics (fka, StatConsulting) is software development company offering Predictive Analytics, Data Quality, Social Network Analysis tools

In Analytics, Business Intelligence

BETEGY analyses the most accurate and up-to-date data on football events. Stats, odds and algorithm driven predictions only.

In Vertical applications

Web and mobile applications development

In Analytics

Cognitum is a Semantic Tech vendors delivering innovative, scalable solutions for data acquisition, storage, searching and processing.

In ICT Enablers

Datarino builds software that takes consumer generated data, turn it into insights and amplifies business potential of their clients. Their solutions are not separate projects, they are synergistic systems, working for each other.

In Analytics, Business Intelligence an IT consulting and software engineering company providing professional services for global clients in three core areas: Networks, Security and Big Data & Data Science.

In Analytics, AI/Machine learning

Digital Fingerprints provides continuous authentication based on behavioural biometrics. We solve the problem of gatekeeper with privacy in mind. Our solution is contextless, based on Artificial Intelligence and swift in response.

In Analytics, AI/Machine learning

GetBadges gamifies the development of a software project. Track your progress via various integrations. Play, compete and earn achievements just by coding and resolving tasks.

In Vertical applications

The first behaviour test that detects autism quickly and reliably in children as young as two with touch-based gameplay and a single outcome

In Vertical applications, Healthcare

We bring you Geos - an operating system for businesses and governments to create indoor navigation and to manage smart sensors.

In Vertical applications

AI engine for patient triage and preliminary medical diagnosis

In Analytics, AI/Machine learning

ICM was the first Polish scientific centers, which make available to researchers from across the country computing power for research, providing support to development and research. Further, the rapid development of ICM makers confirmed the accuracy of the decision on his appointment. In a remarkably short period of time we have developed a group of users very efficient use of computing resources, as evidenced by the level of use of computers and papers published in reputable scientific journals.

In Enabling Players, Academia

Company providing a disruptive technology for the real time consumer tracking and behavior analytics within the on-line and off-line worlds.

In Analytics, Consumer data

Helps online merchants fight fraud and data-drive their businesses

In Analytics, AI/Machine learning

Piwik PRO provides cloud hosting and professional analytics consultancy for users of, the open source web analytics platform. The core services – Piwik Cloud and Piwik Enterprise - help clients host their own Piwik platform, customise it and discover more features and functions.

In ICT Enablers

We monitor prices on any online store and on Allegro marketplace. We offer data that can cover any shop offer, any product details together with information what is/was the price of this product and it's availability on the market.

In Data holders

qDatum is a platform for data providers and consumers to share raw and aggregate data.

In Data Marketplaces

SentiOne is a social listening and online reputation management tool that will help you make the most out of your online activities.

In Vertical applications, Professional Services

Builds knowledge databases and shares them with users, significantly reducing the cost of customer services and improving the flow of information

In Analytics, AI/Machine learning

Startup Community

In Enabling Players, Other Support services