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eRepublik is a social strategy game that allows users to interact with each other and act as politicians, entrepreneurs and soldiers.

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OnyxBeacon was founded to help mobile developers add micro-location possibilities to their apps. We do this through hardware and software. Our iBeacon compatible devices can detect smartphones nearby (up to 50 meters) and our iOS and Android SDKs as well as APIs allow mobile developers to take advantage of that location and enrich the experience of the mobile user by providing them with contextual information according to the users needs.

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A technology company specialized in software development solutions for the government and business environment.

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SIVECO Romania develops and exports software products and consultancy projects with high added value to countries within the European Community, The Middle East, North Africa and the CIS area.

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TERRASIGNA is a Romanian rooted company, with locally developed competencies in the business of big data processing.

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TheWebMiner is a recently founded Romanian data scraping company.

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Wholi is building a people search engine, making it easy to find the right people. The company funded within the ODINE incubation programme, supporting startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that build sustainable businesses around open data. (source: ODINE,

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Zimplu CRM is a web-based application for contact management, sales management, and customer support activities.

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