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Eligma is a startup with global ambitions in the field of commerce. 

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Fieldoo intends to become a reference in the world of sport representation and promotion. The mission is to offer an outstanding specialised service to players, coaches, agents, clubs, and other institutions, stressing the importance of quality.

In Vertical applications

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory is concerned mainly with research and development in information technologies with an emphasis on artificial intelligence. The main research areas are the following: (a) data analysis with an emphasis on text, web and cross-modal data, (b) scalable real-time data analysis, (c) visualization of complex data, (d) semantic technologies, (e) language technologies.

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We are recognized for the ability to identify, adopt and deploy emerging technology platforms in companies. Some of our solutions fulfill key information’s for sensitive decision-making in today’s dynamic world.

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Quintelligence provides specialized development of high-quality big data solutions for publishing houses, media companies, telecoms and energy distribution companies. The key product is QMiner streaming analytic database. Customers include New York Times, Bloomberg, British Telecom.

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Sinergise is a GIS company building large turn-key information systems primarily in the fields of agriculture and real-estate administration, focused on advanced applications for distributed GIS editing. The company funded within the ODINE incubation programme, supporting startups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) that build sustainable businesses around open data. (source: ODINE,

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