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The Corporació Catalana de Mitjans Audiovisuals is a public organisation that manages the audiovisual media of the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Grup d’Emissores de Catalunya Ràdio, in addition to the digital contents created by these media sources. It does this in compliance with its mission to act as a public service and with a firm commitment to quality, independence and the promotion of Catalan language and culture. It also forms part of the Fundació La Marató de TV3, which promotes social awareness and biomedical research.

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Market research company focussed on the question-answer binomial. We use a large range of methodologies, including BI and Social Data.

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Chemotargets is a small biotech company devoted to developing state-of-the-art software for systems toxicology of small molecule therapeuticals, cosmeceuticals, and environmental pollutants by constructing predictive models from big data in pharmacology, drug safety, and omics technologies. Its software CT-link is currently being used by several top pharmaceutical companies, as well as large academic institutions.

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Citibeats is an AI Analytics Platform, unique in identifying social trends and concerns. It discovers, categorizes and synthesizes people’s opinions from large quantities of data. It offers qualitative information and sentiment insights that give human meaning to your data. Our proprietary machine-learning algorithms transform a community’s natural language data into valuable intelligence that empowers decision makers. Citibeats solutions for Smart Cities, Mobility, Tourism and Insurance are relied on by clients worldwide.

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Enables companies to respond to their customersÕ questions instantly

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Commons Bot Platform is an Intelligence Management System with a unique reasoning engine and a platform where simple and context-based bots can be easily created and upgraded.

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Experts in analysing data and developing intelligent systems

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DAPCOM is a spin-off from UB and UPC (the sciences and technical universities from Catalunya) with more than 10 years of experience on Big Data and processing services. Currently the company exploits 3 business branches:
-Big Data architectures to store, ingest, process and release information
-Data compression with own, patented algorithms to maximize efficiency
-Supercomputing processes, launching datasets to HPC as MareNostrum 4

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As an expert in monitoring device for supply chain and tracking asset management, DataLong16 solutions offer innovative technology addressing a broad portfolio of challenges within supply chain through real-time data-driven insights. Connected to the “Internet of Things”, our solution in monitoring device for supply chain and tracking is serving several vertical industries, such as; pharma, agri-food, medical, chemical, laboratories, transportation, ... All of them strongly related to logistics and distribution.

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Datumize is revolutionizing the way companies understand their customer demand, their customer behavior or their day to day operations by acquiring and managing dark data that provides powerful and compelling insights to boost sales and improve operational efficiencies.

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"Since DeciData we have a unique approach: we are committed to help the decision maker through a deep knowledge of the business and the problems that face, together with our advanced knowledge in data management, we serve to answer the relevant questions. Since there are no two equal problems, we propose a customized service in which to discover, from the manager's hand, what business problems he faces while identifying the internal and external information for the elaboration of mathematical models to improve the quality of the decision.

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Devo, formerly Logtrust, is the leading Data Operations Platform for the digital enterprise. Devo delivers real-time operational analytics on streaming and historical data to help enterprises drive sustained performance and growth. The Devo Data Operations Platform collects, enhances and analyzes machine, business and operational data from all aspects of the business. Devo provides real-time analytics and insight for IT, security, and business teams at the world’s largest organizations. For more information visit

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Applies AI to the agriculture sector using predictive models

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Entornos de Formación delivers knowledge, training and personal development for businesses and educational institutions by making use of information technologies. Our team is made up of professionals who are well qualified to prepare our clients in each and every step involved in the process of training. We provide consulting, instructional design, as well as the services and expertise of TI designers and analysts. All of the foregoing allows us to offer a complete e-learning service.

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ESADE is consistently one of the world's top-ranked international business schools. It is widely recognised for its academic excellence, international outlook and its distinct orientation toward the comprehensive development of professional and human competencies. Currently, the immense majority of the more than 50,000 ESADE alumni holding positions of responsibility at diverse companies and organisations are the ambassadors of these values.

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Espafil is developes a tool that allows companies to predict customer behavior in real time by using data they already have.

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The European Centre for Soft Computing was a research and development centre promoted by the Foundation for the Advancement of Soft Computing located in Mieres, Asturias (Spain). Our main objectives were to carry out basic and applied research in the field of Soft Computing as well as to transfer technology to industrial applications of intelligent systems to solve real-world problems. The activities and programs of the ECSC were guided by an international Scientific Committee.

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Exploraseguros s a price comparison website that helps users compare insurance packages in Spain. It offers price comparisons for health and life insurance.

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Fintonic is a mobile-centric consumer banking platform that provides its users with insurance and investment products, and targeted loans.

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