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Agroptima is a farmer-centric mobile-based farm management software that makes farms more profitable and easy to manage

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Bigfinite is a SaaS company focused in pharma & biotech process optimization using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence . Founded in 2013, bigfinite has 7 patents in relation with: Regulated Data Acquisition, Regulated Data Management and Architecture & Protocols.
Bigfinite is packing the AI systems into ready-to-use Solutions for the industry which has available a complete set of supervised and unsupervised machine learning algorithms in the platform tools.

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Spanish independent venture capital firm specialized in technology oriented projects

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Cartagenia delivers diagnostic systems and services to enable genetic labs and clinicians to perform clinically relevant genetic analyses.

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CASE on IT is the next wave of reliable customer experience metrics in near real time and without integration.

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Datumize is revolutionizing the way companies understand their customer demand, their customer behavior or their day to day operations by acquiring and managing dark data that provides powerful and compelling insights to boost sales and improve operational efficiencies.

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Devo, formerly Logtrust, is the leading Data Operations Platform for the digital enterprise. Devo delivers real-time operational analytics on streaming and historical data to help enterprises drive sustained performance and growth. The Devo Data Operations Platform collects, enhances and analyzes machine, business and operational data from all aspects of the business. Devo provides real-time analytics and insight for IT, security, and business teams at the world’s largest organizations. For more information visit

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Fintonic is a mobile-centric consumer banking platform that provides its users with insurance and investment products, and targeted loans.

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Geoblink, the Location Intelligence solution specialised in Retail, Real Estate and FMCG.

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LeanXcale is a converged SQL database, combining Ultra-Scalable capabilities and full ACID transactional consistency of distributed data. Its innovation is based on a radically new approach to transactional processing enabling it to provide transactional data consistency while scaling out to large numbers of nodes.

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MOCA is the most advanced location analytics and mobile engagement marketing platform that connects mobile apps, web and physical places.

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We are, the digital signage company that is changing the way outdoor advertising is understood.Driven by an innovative, efficient low-cost digital platform, we are making accessible the outdoor advertising to all kind of audiences, from bigs brands to small business and individuals.

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PRAGSIS BIDOOP was found in 2004. As of 2010 the Company specialized in Big Data & Analytics and became the referring provider of Big Data solutions in Spain for large companies and public organizations supported with an investment of more than 2 million euros in research and development.

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