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Automatic disorder classification and detection for radiologists

In Analytics, AI/Machine learning

Blu Conic enables digital marketers to architect individual interactions and turn them into exceptional outcomes.BlueConic builds individual user profiles. Leveraging BlueConic’s actionable insights across brands takes personalization to the next level

In Analytics, Consumer data

Media & Games

In Vertical applications

Founded in 2012 by a team of marketing and advertising professionals with a deep understanding of scalable technology, FLXone works with leading advertisers, publishers, agencies and trading desks. Innovation is what keeps us ahead of the curve to build a platform that drives marketing effectiveness for you.

In Vertical applications, Professional Services

GeoPhy provides database and analytics tools for the property and financial sector.

In Vertical applications, Financial Services

Captures & analyzes online guest reviews

In Vertical applications

Wonderflow is the all in one analytics platform that enables companies to improve their consumer intimacy using consumer feedbacks analysis.

In Analytics, Consumer data