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Massive Analytic is a London-based analytics innovator, with patented world leading technologies and global big data heritage. Founded with the vision of making effortless data driven decisions a reality for businesses, Massive Analytic has a disruptive vision for changing the way we interact with data with our product Oscar.

Wizdee is a leading company in natural language processing, machine learning and semantic search. Our mission is to empower everyone with easy access to data.

Datarino builds software that takes consumer generated data, turn it into insights and amplifies business potential of their clients. Their solutions are not separate projects, they are synergistic systems, working for each other.

PRAGSIS BIDOOP was found in 2004. As of 2010 the Company specialized in Big Data & Analytics and became the referring provider of Big Data solutions in Spain for large companies and public organizations supported with an investment of more than 2 million euros in research and development.

Adagio (ex-Onfocus) develops technologies to help premium publishers face the adblocking and ad viewability challenges.

MUSO believes better relationships are there to be built. We are a London based technology company creating innovative products to help the global content industry better engage with piracy audiences online.

ALTILIA develops big data solutions that enable organizations to analyze data and make more informed decisions.

Growth Intelligence is a B2B lead generation tool. Using big data it predicts which company is likely to buy from any other in real-time. The tool generates a list of highly qualified leads which increases the conversion rates dramatically

Antidot is a foremost provider of search technology and information access solutions for major portals and enterprises. For over 15 years, Antidot has designed solutions for information access and searching, providing organizations and individuals with all the information they need in order to understand, decide and take action: search engines, capture systems, data structuring and enrichment, information navigation tools, collaboration tools, monitoring tools.

Content Fleet’s unique technology assists online publishers to write topics that will boost internet traffic and revenue.Our technology revolutionizes content creation for online publishers.