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Engineering offer a range of services including business integration, application and infrastructure outsourcing, innovative solutions and strategic consultancy.

Digital Catapult is a technology innovation Centre that unlocks digital growth in the UK economy. It works with companies of all sizes to transform their businesses by accelerating the practical application of digital innovation.

Digital Partners helps businesses make informed technology decisions and gain a transparent market overview to innovate and collaborate with the best technology solutions for your business use case.

B EYE is an innovative company specialised in delivering state of the art Business Intelligence solutions and applications. We help our clients in building optimum business performance and appreciate the corporate significance of their data. Our mission is to turn the data deluge that a modern business faces into sensible information.

Krum Popov 1, Sofia, Bulgaria

We are a company from Barcelona and we have a comprehensive wellbeing solution that promotes healthy companies and people, called Bihealth. Making it simple for the user and in a humanistic way, Bihealth integrates different devices, analyses their data, compares and offers a personalized monitoring and comprehensive health and wellbeing solutions tailored to the needs and interests of each. Bihealth creates the connection and relationship between the company and the employee in two interconnected modules, working with co-leadership, communicating complex information easily.

Carrer de la Llacuna 162, Barcelona

Nuk consultants is a company created in 1996. We are experts in extracting business value from data in order to increase revenue in the companies. We work with premium brands in Travel and Retail sectors unlocking the potential of real time analytics to drive their business to the next level. Making use of our knowledge and proprietary algorithms, we help to create personalized systems for our customers.

edifici prima muntades, bergueda, 1, 08820 El prat del llobregat

At DRIBIA we believe in providing expert advice backed on quantitative evidence. We aim to bring the scientific method to problem resolution in businesses. Always based on data, we like to measure and model things so our clients can understand better their business. Our aim is to work side by side with them and also share our systematic methodology. We come from the academic field to put our knowledge on cutting edge data analysis and modelling advances at the service of technological transfer.


Saas Platform CEM (Customer Experience Management) for Retail and Hotels

C/Badajoz 145 3-C, 08018 22@ Barcelona, Spain

Synergic Partners is a specialized Big Data, Data Science and Data Engineering consultancy firm committed to delivering solutions and services that enable companies to leverage the business value of their enterprise data. We help our clients to gain competitive advantages in areas such as Customer Insight, Fraud prevention, Risk and Compliance, Financial governance or Mergers and Acquisitions, among other business challenges.

Velazquez 92, 5Aª planta Izq. 28006 - Madrid SPAIN

Davinci suports organizations on the Smart and Secure Information Management We offer solutions, tools and methodologies to help organizations to extract value from their data. We help on the whole process, defining a roapmap for to get success on a BIg Data or BI proyect.

C.Josep Ferrater i Mora, 2,4 08019 Barcelona