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Roialty is a marketing technology for customer insights, CRM and DMP enrichment. Roialty leverages social media data to enable real-time profiling of individuals based on their interests and behaviors.

Wonderflow is the all in one analytics platform that enables companies to improve their consumer intimacy using consumer feedbacks analysis.

Datumize is revolutionizing the way companies understand their customer demand, their customer behavior or their day to day operations by acquiring and managing dark data that provides powerful and compelling insights to boost sales and improve operational efficiencies.

Great companies put consumers and data at the heart of every decision. Attest makes that simple and open for anyone at every business.

Founded in 2016, InfoSum is a data collaboration technology provider that is building a global decentralized platform that powers customer insight products and solutions.

Purple is a WiFi analytics and marketing platform.Purple’s solution allows businesses to monitor their physical spaces and actively promote their brand, while providing valuable insights into customer behavior within venues.

Privitar is leading the development and adoption of privacy engineering technology enabling our customers to innovate and leverage data with an uncompromising approach to data privacy.

Glassbox is adisruptive provider of ‘instant replay’ digital customer experience solutions for both the web and mobile.

Outra is a customer data science business. We use data with speed, precision and AI to understand and delight customers. We create predictive data and use Velocita, our Customer Data Platform, to empower clients, enhance capability and deliver results.

Ogury Mobile Journey Marketing Cloud, the integrated data & technology you need to: understand the full mobile user journey, drive revenues