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ILNumerics provides numerical tools for software developers. The company's core technology offers a new approach for implementing numerical algorithms into enterprise software projects.

Choister is a service that helps search, analyze and compare all available educational programs.

LIONoso is a comprehensive Machine Learning and Intelligent Optimization tool for non-profit research and academic use.

Aficionado Technologies develops resource management solutions for the academic and enterprise markets. is a result of extensive R&D spanning a period of four years by our team. We are a group of 25 data scientists, programmers, analysts, designers, quality engineers, product managers & process managers. (previously called colwiz) was founded by Tahir Mansoori during his PhD at Oxford, along with his friend and colleague Rifaqat Ali Shah.

Virtual training and performance data, for operational excellence.

Pipo app is the intelligent way to meet people around you.Pipo is a meeting, in which people with mutual interests meet in public places promptly and face to face for a specified topic to discuss.

Herrmann Global is a platform that uses emerging knowledge of the brain to transform the interaction between individuals, their goals, and the institutions in which they work and learn.

Speech Analytics AI for Customer Service and Education

V7 creates deep learning models to learn to perform life sciences experiments and double the pace of critical scientific research.