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StarTalers is an online financial coach and roboadvisor that supports women willing to invest sustainably.

We bring together creators and followers of trading bots, enabling them to beat the market with algorithmic trading.

Evolution AI works with enterprises to uncover value in data and develop a natural language processing application.

Asset Control provides financial data management solutions to banks, insurers, investment managers and market infrastructure firms

We started Grapedata with a vision to bridge the information gap between the financial world and people on the ground in emerging markets. Financial markets take time to process information in niche sectors and difficult to access locations. We realized that most of on the ground people have a piece of this information.

The Swiss Contovista AG specialises in analysis, enrichment, and visualisation of financial data. For the financial services industry, Contovista opens up business opportunities in the areas of Personal Finance Management (PFM), Business Finance Management (BFM), and Data Analytics. 

Subaio was founded in Aalborg, Denmark 2016 by Thomas Kjølby Laursen (CEO) and Brian Jørgensen (CTO), with the purpose to create products and services that simplifies people's lives by empowering them to make smarter choices about their subscriptions.

Lowell Group provides credit management services specializing in debt recovery, data analytics, and customer insight.