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Home » Data Landscape Type » Financial Services is a price comparison website that helps users compare insurance packages in Spain. It offers price comparisons for car and motorbike, house, and health insurance as well as life assurance.

Office Madrid, 28050 España

Kantox is an online finance platform, provides currency exchange and international payment solutions.

Barcelona Office Torre Mapfre, planta 10 Marina 16-18 Barcelona, 08005 ESP

A platform using BigData to create a system of recommendations for entrepreneurs to validate their business ideas and for investors to identify the best opportunities in the market, among other benefits.

Almogavers 165, Barcelona, 08018, Spain

Helping people and organisations protect, manage and make the most of their data

Newenham House Northern Cross Malahide RoadDublin, IE

DueDil provides a one-stop shop for business information and intelligence. Access and browse free database information around company financials in the UK and Ireland.

47 Dean Street London, UK