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isiQiri is focused on the development of optical sensor technology solutions based on human-machine interaction theories.

Private Equity advisory firm specialising in investments in Healthcare, Life Sciences and Technology. Clients include PE and VC funds, founders, incubators and HNW investors looking for value in companies specialising in AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Healthcare and Life Sciences.

TraceMedics is a powerful and client-configurable process automation software for healthcare industry assignments which automatically tracks, evaluates, plans and improves relevant business processes.

UniExo device reduces recovery period from injuries by assisting and supporting patients outside the healthcare facilities using exoskeleton

DreamUp Vision is building an innovative analysis technics which uses machine learning engines to perform retinal diseases screening

Aigenpulse has developed an advanced machine learning platform, for Life Sciences organisations. Employing AI & machine learning, the system uncovers hidden patterns in large data sets from disparate data sources.

AI powered platform for predicting and matching public contracts in healthcare

contextflow uses AI imaging technology to support radiologists during their daily clinical routine.

The Katapult Accelerator is an impact-tech accelerator program, working hands-on with startups using exponential technologies to solve environmental and societal challenges.

Airgloss develops advanced devices aimed at improving indoor environmental comfort using a proprietary AI based sensing technology.