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Heartbeat ONE supports medical professionals in the preparation, documentation and evaluation of medical interventions  Unlike traditional systems, heartbeat ONE incorporates patient-reported outcomes (PROs) in its analysis, thus offering precise outcome management.

Inato matches clinical trials with qualified sites worldwide and optimizes site performance throughout the trial.

Founded in 2011 by a team of doctors, scientists and engineers, Ada offers an AI-powered health platform, supported by a sophisticated medical knowledge base covering thousands of symptoms and conditions, that asks simple, relevant questions and compares answers to thousands of similar cases to help finding possible explanations for the symptoms.

Doctrin was founded in 2016, with the aim of improving healthcare through new technology and artificial intelligence

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Geneix is a company that specializes in developing software to assist in the field of Prescription Medicine.

Allergy Data Laboratories continues to manage and support the Allergome project.

Health & Fitness Data Analytics

Pridiktiv NV is a smart mobile health collaboration platform ( that enables medical staff to do what they do best.

NanoSight was formed in 2002 to develop nanoparticle detection techniques based on a suite of patents that came out of the work of its founder and current Chief Technical Officer, Bob Carr.