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EdgeLeap is a data science company, offering consultancy and analysis services to life sciences industry. EdgeLeap provides expertise and technology for integration and mining of diverse large-scale biomedical data and current knowledge. The EdgeLeap team helps its clients in clinics, pharmaceutical and food industry to keep up with the quick pace of developments in the data science field and bridge the gap between data generation and data-driven decision making.

Hooghiemstraplein 15, Utrecht, The Netherlands

DiabetesLab is a company incorporated in Italy in 2014. We analyse health-related data to provide medical advice for people living with diabetes. We believe that artificial intelligence and big data should help people in day by day diabetes management. We collect health-related data using smartphones and wearable devices, and make sense of it to manage diabetes easily. The company is supported by TechPeaks, TrentoRISE, EIT-ICT Labs and the European project FINODEX.

Via Sommarive 18, Trento, Italy

Definiens provides software solutions to maximize the value of their images and aid decision-making processes. Definiens biomedical image and data analysis software ensures high returns on investment by delivering faster results and deeper insights, which lead to better decisions. Definiens software is being used to accelerate and improve research in drug discovery, development, and diagnostics.

Bernhard-Wicki-Str. 5 Munich, 80636 DEU