ICT Enablers

They cover all the support tools and technologies, commercial and open source, that act on a more infrastructural level (e.g. Hadoop on premises, cluster service etc.).

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Natural language processing tools and chatbot platform for all European languages

Nissatech provides a team with a huge international experience in a cutting edge research and development of novel technologies, application and advanced IT solutions for boosting innovations in dynamic and networked business environments.

ARM, a multinational semiconductor company, is one of the world's most influential technology companies

Affinity Portugal is a Consultancy firm, specialized in Technologies and Information Systems.

Accedia is a Professional IT Services company specializing in consulting, software development outsourcing and complex end-to-end solutions for both SMEs and large enterprises.

Mobileye is a technology company developing vision-based advanced driver assistance systems that help prevent and mitigate collisions.

Software test automation, software development, mobile applications, user experience

Oktawave is a new technology company operating in the hosting services and cloud computing area.

Software development

Inventing software for smarter business