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Woogie are business consultants & innovative advisors.

Dmlab is an innovative data analytics company. We are data mining experts and analysts.

Knoyd is a customized data science solutions for businesses of any size

European leader in user-controlled mobile marketing and advertising. Qustodian's mobile advertising platform powers its market leading personalised mobile advertising service and is now available for third parties as an SDK.

We are, the digital signage company that is changing the way outdoor advertising is understood.Driven by an innovative, efficient low-cost digital platform, we are making accessible the outdoor advertising to all kind of audiences, from bigs brands to small business and individuals.

Founded in 2012 by a team of marketing and advertising professionals with a deep understanding of scalable technology, FLXone works with leading advertisers, publishers, agencies and trading desks. Innovation is what keeps us ahead of the curve to build a platform that drives marketing effectiveness for you.

Fresh Relevance is the Personalization Platform to Boost ROI. Built to Help Marketers Get Their Jobs Done. Delight your customers and your boss. Blend marketing creativity with smart technology to elevate the customer experience and optimize revenue. Target customers on an individualized basis at the right time with contextually relevant content. Support the customer journey, however they choose to engage with your brand

Brightflag is a new way for organizations to manage and control outside counsel costs. It uses powerful language analysis technologies to analyze incoming legal invoices, uncover opportunities for reductions or alternative fee arrangements, and give visibility on legal spending across the organization.

Beevibes has developed a service that recommends branded content to Internet users. We offer advertisers an engaging new way to deliver impacting brand campaigns on a premium publisher network. Our semantic targeting tech, combined with an exclusive in-content format delivers above standard visibility and engagement results.

Appweevr is a consulting company that helps online content publishers better understand their audience and create more engaging content