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It includes analytical tools devoted to specific verticals such as marketing, legal , government, science, health, finance

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Fluency offers free online courses in SEO, digital marketing, and social media.

HT2 Labs creates software for people who want to change their lives through learning. Working alongside businesses and educational institutions, HT2’s research has led to the development of new products that help make learning more personal, more social and more measurable. represents a new generation of mobile school portal apps for preschools and schools - built to be combined with collaboration platforms from Google, Microsoft and Apple. typically replaces the old generation of all-in-one Learning Platforms / LMS systems.

We are building the first Data Science as a service platform for Asset Managers who want to beat the market. Our platform enables finance companies to discover machine learning solutions to their problems without needing an inhouse team. We translate financial language into the language of a data scientist so we can crowd-source machine learning models quickly from a community of 10,000+ data scientists who come from some of most prestigious universities and tech companies around the world.

PECT specializes in mass data retrieval of home and car information.

Pulse-Solution is a Swiss based company who develops Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Customer Experience Management (CEM), and Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) platforms for hotels, restaurants, leisure industry, retails business and business-to-business.

We want to change the way we park with a full solution to guide drivers through their journey. We suggest where to park, and accept reservations when possible. We send updates on the actual availability of parking spaces. We navigate to the right spot and make it so payment can happen with ease.

Livemobility provides information related to travel.

Wever is the first massive tailor-made mobility management tool.