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It includes analytical tools devoted to specific verticals such as marketing, legal , government, science, health, finance

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AI based Solutions for mobility issues.

Ito World solves transportation challenges across the globe by delivering real-time transit data feeds and data visualisation software.

Travel AI is a London, UK-based transportation software specialist. Never in the history of technology has anything come close to the adoption rates globally of Smartphones. 

Signol develops software which focuses on fuel efficiency by analysing operational data.

LEXI Solution provides a cloud-based strategic procurement platform that delivers value beyond savings through managing quality, delivery and quality to your organization. The platform, MasterBOM, consolidates supply chain information from internal and external stakeholders to discover unknown facts, and insight to mitigate unforeseen risks. The automated data cleaning capabilities care for creating right data out of big data enabled by AI.

Volvero is an app based on the most innovative technologies for sharing vehicles.

Kido Dynamics uses machine learning and quantum physics techniques to analyse and predict human mobility.

isiQiri is focused on the development of optical sensor technology solutions based on human-machine interaction theories.

Private Equity advisory firm specialising in investments in Healthcare, Life Sciences and Technology. Clients include PE and VC funds, founders, incubators and HNW investors looking for value in companies specialising in AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, Big Data Analytics, Healthcare and Life Sciences.