New EU strategy on Big data: what you should know

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In July 2014, the European Commission announced a new strategy on Big Data. This is a clear attempt to encourage and support a data market in Europe. Europe commits in this strategy to:- support “lighthouse” data initiatives- develop enabling technologies, underlying infrastructures and skills, particularly to the benefit of SMEs- extensively share, use and develop its public data resources and research data infrastructures- focus public R&I on technological, legal and other bottlenecks- make sure that the relevant legal framework and the policies are data-friendly- accelerate the digitisation of public administration and services to increase their efficiency, and- use public procurement to bring the results of data technologies to the market.

In order to have a thriving data-driven economy in Europe, the strategy also highlights the importance of community building. As part of these efforts, the strategy foresee a strategic cooperation through a contractual Public-Private Partnership (cPPP) that can play an important role in developing a data community and encouraging exchange of best practices. We will post in our community more information about this PPP and how to join it.

In the strategy, the European Commission also announces that is setting up a data market monitoring tool to measure the size and trends of the European data market. The tool will also show the relations between the different actors in the European data economy. This is one of the key commitments of this study and we will keep you also updated about its preliminary results for your feedback and comments.