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As a new European Union leadership is preparing to take office in Brussels, the Lisbon Council and International Data Corporation (IDC) teamed up to host an online roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and Big Data: The Next Frontier. The online roundtable is the fourth in a series and part of a long-term European Union funded study on “Building a European Data Economy.” Bringing together more than 70 leading experts in the data economy, the roundtable featured new evidence gathered by the European Data Market Study and focused on how data is powering artificial intelligence (AI).

Andrea Minonne, senior research analyst at the International Data Corporation, presented exciting insights into how European industries are using AI to drive digital transformation and customer experience. As he said, “AI is here to stay” and according to research forecasts 34% of companies will adopt AI applications by 2019. Mr Minonne explained that the retail, banking and manufacturing sectors use AI the most, while the healthcare sector shows great potential in taking up AI solutions in the near future. And the examples are striking. Among others, ASOS grew its online sales up to 30% when they used AI technologies to help their customers find visually similar clothing to photos. And Deutsche Telekom saw more than 40% of their customer service issues solved automatically by their chatbox application. Mr Minonne, concluded with three recommendations to European policymakers and industry to help the wider uptake of AI. Namely, Europe should 1) be industry-specific and focus on targeting and boosting investments where AI is the core enabler for new trends such as customer experience; 2) enable skills and retain talents; and 3) invest more on AI applications and strategies.

Later, Sonja Zillner, senior key expert at Corporate Technology Siemens, gave an interesting presentation on the Artificial Intelligence Public-Private-Partnership (AI PPP), a project led by euRobotics and Big Data Value Association. The AI PPP is directed at boosting the industrial uptake of AI and ensuring Europe’s world-wide leadership in developing and deploying value-driven trustworthy AI, based on European fundamental values.

Giorgio Micheletti, consulting director of IDC, presented an overview of the research produced by the European Data Market Study project in the years from 2018-2019. The European data market is constantly increasing and it is projected to continue doing so until 2025 under all three scenarios examined in the study.

In 2019, the project launched a series of “stories” on how the data economy is powering different sectors in the economy. The Quali- quantitative Story on Big Data and AI, offers an in-depth analysis and selected examples of AI applications across European industries. You can find it in the following link:

David Osimo, director of research at the Lisbon Council, moderated the session explaining why data is a fundamental ingredient to AI and that Europe is in urgent need of an

AI ecosystem that can drive growth and innovation.

The interactive session ended with questions from participants, who wanted to learn more about the adoption of AI solutions by SMEs and the impact of AI on the healthcare sector.

The Lisbon Council and IDC will continue collaborating to provide new insights on the European data market. Watch out for the next online roundtable, which will convene in the autumn of 2019. In the meantime, keep in touch by visiting and Twitter at @eudatalandscape.

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