Who are the key players in the EU data market?

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Following a year of mapping data companies in the EU, a map featuring 72 of the largest EU data companies, all of whom are key figures of the European data market, was produced. Take a look at it here. These companies are the European data market leaders according to different sectors of the data market.

Before the biggest data companies found their place on the data landscape map, they signed up and were listed on the EU Data Landscape database. The ones that met the following criteria were featured on the map:

  • They are focused on big data related products and services
  • Their headquarters are in an EU member state. If not, their department for research and development are in an EU member state
  • And they have gathered a million Euros in funding according to Crunchbase

If your company is not listed, do it here! What are the benefit for your data company being listed on the EU data landscape?

The findings will help anticipate industrial trends and help develop better policies.

  • Data inputted contributes to the development of 2020 forecasts for the data industry! The forecasts present three scenarios: a baseline scenario, a high-growth scenario and a challenge scenario.
  • The analysis of data companies helps generate a map, like the one above. Joining allows you to see how your data company measures up in different fields. The monitoring tool segments key indicators according to 12 industries: construction, education, finance, health, information and communication, mining, manufacturing, professional services, public administration, transport, utilities, retail and wholesale.
  • It’s an open data initiative, so you can gain valuable information and insight into key industry indicators.

It’s easy to join the EU data landscape, with many benefits for your company, the industry and the future of data policy. So if your company hasn’t already, it should sign up now!

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About the study:

The European Data Market study aims to define, assess and measure the European data economy, supporting the achievement of the Data Value Chain policy of the European Commission. This strategy is focused on developing a vibrant and innovative data ecosystem of stakeholders driving the growth of this innovative market in Europe. The main results of this study will feed into the annual reviews of the Digital Agenda Scoreboard providing valuable data and information.

If you have any questions about the study, please contact Kasia Jakimowicz, Strategic Stakeholders´ Engagement for the Study, at kjakimowicz@open-evidence.com