Do Europeans have enough data skills?

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The European Data Market Study also measures the data worker skill gap in Europe. It captures the potential gap between demand and supply of data worker skills. Here are the main findings:

In 2016 Europe experienced an imbalance between demand and supply of 420,000 unfilled data workers positions, corresponding to 6.2% of total demand – up 0.3% from the same value for 2015.

The Study foresees a continuing imbalance between demand and supply, under all 3 forecast scenarios by 2020 . In the Baseline scenario the data skills gap will grow at something more than 16% over the next four years totalling a number of unfilled positions of almost 770,000. The High-Growth scenario will see the gap expand considerably at a 60.7% pace with almost 2.8 million positions unfilled.

The UK, Germany and France (leading data markets) will all register the highest gaps across the EU because their market increases much faster than supply of data skills. Italy and Spain are characterised by high unemployment and dysfunctional labour markets. Both countries will suffer from significant data skill gaps should the High-Growth scenario become reality. However, in Spain the growth trend of students and graduates in Science, Technologies, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM graduates) is higher than in Italy so the Italian gap is much higher than the Spanish gap in the High Growth scenario.

The Study provides us with many new insights about the European data economy.

If you want to learn more download the Study and its executive summary HERE..