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This is the First Interim Study Report (Deliverable D2.3) of the Update of the European Data Market Study This report brings together the research results and the activities carried out by the contractors under:

  • The First Report on Facts & Figures (D2.1) presenting an updated measurement of the European Data Market Monitoring Tool for the years 2016-2017 and forecasts to the year 2025 under three alternative scenarios;
  • The First Report on Policy Conclusions (D2.2) analysing the role of policies in shaping the sizes and trends of the European Data Market and Data Economy as measured by the European Data Market Monitoring Tool.
  • The key messages obtained from the quantified stories (D3.1 and D3.2) produced by the study team and focusing on the opening of private and scientific data for public interest and innovation.
  • The First Data Landscape Report (Review at January 2018 – D4.1) providing an overview of the EU Data Landscape and offering and up-to-date zoom into the database of data market companies in Europe.

The report is available for download.