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We are delighted to invite you to the next webinar of the European Data Market study, the fourth of a series of webinars planned for the next two years.
With the rise of the big data economy, there is a growing demand for big data workers. The webinar will be centred around the concept of data skills: discussing current trends in employment of data workers, types of big data workers, the skills requested to be a data worker and the challenges related to obtaining them.

What is the agenda?

- Introduction / Purpose of the webinar: Data skills in Europe: a market or an education issue? (Kasia Jakimovicz - Open Evidence)
- Keynote: Measuring the european data economy (Giorgio Micheletti - IDC)
- Keynote: European data workers: who are they, what are their skills, what is their demand (Rosanna Lifonti, IDC)
- The data science skills gap in Europe: is the education system ready? ( Professor John Domingue - Open University )
- Open discussion: How difficult is it to find data skills in Europe? Will this be a constraint for the growth of the data industry? What should be done?
- Conclusions and wrap up

When? The webinar will take place next 10th June from 15pm to 16pm CET.

How can I join? Register at: and you will have the link to join via computer or phone.

About EU Data Market Study
The European Data Market study aims to define, assess and measure the European data economy, supporting the achievement of the Data ValueChain strategy of the European Commission. This strategy is focused on developing a vibrant and innovative data ecosystem of stakeholders driving the growth of this innovative market in Europe. The main results of this study will feed into the annual reviews of the Digital Agenda Scoreboard providing valuable data and information.

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