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Join the webinar on “Who will be the masters of the data universe? How businesses manage ownership of the datasets powering the data economy”

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Big data presents great economic opportunities. The most recent figures from the Data Market Study value the EU data market at €54,474 million in 2015 (with 7% growth from 2014) and the wider data economy at € 272,047 million.

However, while the biggest opportunities lie in merging data from different sources for creating additional value, too often the focus is on how an organisation is able to take a business advantage of its own data.

Data ownership and the extent to which data can be used, re-used and exchanged play a fundamental role for the emerging European data-driven economy. Whereas day-by-day practices of data exchange are rapidly evolving, the underlying legal framework is not.

The webinar will focus on the key issues that businesses are facing today when using data, their associated legal challenges and the initiatives planned by the European Commission to overcome existing bottlenecks.


20 July 2016 from 14:00 - 15:00 CEST (12:00 - 13:00 UTC)


About the study:

The EU Data Market Study together with the Data Market Monitoring Tool aims to define, assess and measure the European data economy. It is carried out by IDC and Open Evidence on behalf of the European Commission (DG CONNECT).

The European Data Market Monitoring Tool:

  • Establishes a shared data market taxonomy
  • Defines the existing data value chain
  • Considers the key framework conditions affecting the Data Market
  • Specifies the data collection methodologies
  • Measures the overall EU Data Market and data Economy through a set of six main indicators

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